Solisco Embraces Blockchain Technology to Revolutionise & Reward

29th August 2018

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Solisco have partnered up with Energi Mine – a top blockchain and energy solutions company. This partnership will see Energi Mine and Solisco combining projects – integrating Energi Mine’s “EnergiTokens” (ETK) rewards platform into our clean tech charging infrastructures.

Energi Mine & EnergiTokens (ETK)

Energi Mine is using ETK to revolutionise the global energy market through decentralisation and blockchain technology. The ultimate goal is to reduce global energy demand and carbon emissions by creating a system of financial incentives for businesses and consumers to save energy. The partnership with Energi Mine marks a further expansion of the growing ecosystem of environmentally friendly companies that reward customers with ETK and accept ETK as payment. This then allows customers to exchange their tokens for additional environmentally positive goods and services. Combining both of our companies will allow ETK holders to pay for EV Charging. Energi Mine are finalising additional partnerships with EV charging manufacturers which will allow the electric car ports to be fully ETK payment enabled.

Energi Mine CEO – Omar Rahim said: “A vital step in the fight against climate change is providing alternative options of energy generation and storage independent of the established energy companies. This allows consumers the ability to move away from a system that actively encourages selling the most energy possible for the highest possible price. To make this a reality people require financial – as well as ethical – incentivisation to alter their entrenched behavioural practices and our partnership with Solisco seeks to promote exactly this.”

Why Solisco is embracing Blockchain Technology

We foresee that our partnership with Energi Mine will offer a unique approach to rewarding people with energy tokens for generating, trading and utilising green energy, particularly during daytime hours when we can often have an overcapacity of renewable energy. Last summer, we saw wind turbines being shut down for hours at a time to address this overcapacity issue – this seems absolutely ridiculous given the investment of such technology in the first place! If we can provide the basis for education behind solar and ev charging, and subsequently create a behavioural change amongst EV drivers, collectively, we can make  improvements to our grid stabilisation during the inevitable transportation and energy transition which is taking place.

We are aware of loyalty programs such as Tesco Clubcard, Nectar, Waitrose or Shell Drivers Club. Similarly, Solisco aims to provide a tool to our investors of charging infrastructure, to incentivise their customers who are taking environmentally-friendly steps whilst charging their vehicles. After all, if a petrol station can give customers points for buying more fuel, why shouldn’t we be doing the same to incentivise those who are actually doing something to protect our planet?

And by doing so, we are promoting people to gain true freedom by using renewable energy on a bigger scale. Just as the internet has revolutionised our choices today, let’s allow clean technology to revolutionise our choices of tomorrow.

“Much like how the dominance of the big mobile network providers was eroded by the advent of the internet and systems like Skype, small scale energy generation options have the capacity to do this in the energy sector by participating in an ecosystem that allows them to undercut established energy providers. For many years the big energy providers have a strong grip on the marketplace, but with new technology has come new opportunities to weaken that grip by creating alternative energy generation avenues.” Parveen Begum, CEO, Solisco

Energi Mine

Energi Mine is a blockchain and artificial intelligence energy solutions company based in Manchester. The company currently manages over $140 Million worth of energy on behalf of its customers. They also look after approximately 1,100 customer sites across Europe (UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands). Energi Mine is disrupting the global energy markets by building a peer-to-peer network to allow anyone generating energy to sell directly to another consumer. It has also created a platform for financially incentivising energy saving behaviour, rewarding individuals with tokens (Energi Tokens) with the goal of reducing global energy consumption.

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