To embrace the most important source of energy for
life on earth by creating innovative solutions
that drive us towards a sustainable future

Our Ethos

Making a Difference

Solis = Sun and Coegi = Drive.
Derived from the Latin meaning of Sun-Drive.
Solisco is a British start-up company founded in 2016, with a mission to inspire and support the emerging Clean Energy and Electric Vehicle market with innovative solutions that harness the power of the sun.

WHO are we?
Being early adopters of both Solar Photovoltaics (PV) and Electric Vehicles (EV), the Founders of Solisco were incredibly passionate about making a difference so that everyone could enjoy the true freedom that comes with renewable energy and zero emission vehicles. With a genuine end goal to contribute towards protecting the environment, Solisco was privately funded and launched by Mark Maurice, Mechanical Engineer and Parveen Begum, ex. Tesla. Having a wealth of experience in the industry, both Mark and Parveen wanted to bring together their ideas about what the future should look like. They carefully researched new technology and innovative products and then formed collaborations in order to create a unity that can accelerate their mission. The partnerships they established are with like-minded individuals and early pioneers who are heading towards the same goal – giving people true energy independence and in turn, fighting climate change.

WHAT drives us?
According to the World Health Organisation, around 4.2 million deaths occur every year as a result to outdoor air pollution. The impact it has on our loved ones, wildlife, climate, forests, and oceans is well known and documented. In a single hour, the sun puts out enough energy to power every vehicle, home, factory and device on the planet... This is a driving factor and motivation behind the work we do to offer solutions that harness and utilize this energy.

Awareness surrounding climate change issues has increased in recent years, however, consumer awareness levels surrounding renewable energy and EVs is still currently insufficient. Range anxiety, recharging, cost and limited understanding are among the top factors deterring people from investing in zero emission vehicles. With a strong focus on educating others and creating a behavioural change, the team at Solisco recognised early on that if we could offer infrastructure which raises awareness, we could play a significant part in driving consumer uptake. Solisco has provided future perspective consulting to the private/domestic, commercial and public sector. We are also involved with assisting universities develop courses in E-Mobility and we work with other bodies such as the Renewable Energy Association bringing our ideas and expertise to the forefront of government and industry.

HOW do we aim to help?
Thankfully, in the transport sector there is a global shift taking place towards zero emission vehicles, with a growing number of Countries that have established concrete targets. Solisco aims to support this movement by inspiring ideas, developing cleverly engineered solutions that incorporate smart components, software and services, ensuring a futureproof infrastructure to suit many applications. Unless green infrastructure exists to support the exponential growth in EVs, the crisis we face today in climate change will continue to grow.

We invite you to join us on this mission to be less dependent from the grid, embrace smart technology and subsequently reduce our carbon footprint.

Invest in an EV

Invest in
an EV

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Design Your

Installation of Technology

Installation of

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Our Partnerships -

A Collaboration of Supreme Quality

Innovative Technology
Our Partnerships include GEWA, Bluetop, Solarwatt, Sonnen, Mennekes, EVBox and Schneider Electric.
Solisco has sourced the premium market leading Solar and Battery Storage systems, as well as pioneers in EV charging systems, to co-create an exclusive product.

Our Consultancy
We recognise that knowledge and expertise is crucial in this industry and so we've got the best consultants working with us, offering our clients advice and guidance on a broad range of topics. Whether it's electrifying your fleet, investing in low carbon technologies or wanting thought leadership into how you can embrace the zero emission future, Solisco has you covered!

Our Customer Promise

Integrity. Loyalty. Connectivity.

Our intention is to create a brand built on good relationships and a trustworthy reputation. We want to ensure customer fulfilment is always at the core of our work and that we can continuously cultivate, inspire and engage. With Solisco, you can be rest assured that you'll receive end to end support, right from the initial conversation, through to the design configuration, EV-Port installation, and thereafter.

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