To embrace the most important source of energy for
life on earth by creating innovative solutions
that drive us towards a sustainable future

Our Ethos

Making a Difference

Solis = Sun and Coegi = Drive.
Derived from the Latin meaning of Sun-Drive.
Solisco was founded with a mission to inspire and support the emerging Electric Vehicle market with innovative solutions that harness the power of the sun.

Having a wealth of experience in running electric vehicles, the team at Solisco were passionate about making a difference so that everyone can enjoy the true freedom of driving an EV without any compromises. Solisco aims to significantly contribute to the charging infrastructure, in a cleverly engineered way, hosting a variety of high end components to ensure it's reliability and satisfaction, and ultimately, to promote the idea of clean energy being the way forward. Unless this infrastructure exists, the shift to EVs will not be as easily adopted, and therefore, the crisis we face today in climate change will continue to grow.

Solisco offers a simple formula enabling our customers to join us on this mission to be less dependent from the grid, embrace smart technology and subsequently reduce our carbon footprint.

Invest in an EV

Invest in
an EV

Design your carport

Design Your

Installation of Technology

Installation of

Zero CO2


Our Partners - German and Danish

A Collaboration of Supreme Quality

Solisco Domestic EV-Ports are made in Germany by GEWA. With a century of experience; successful completion of over 100,000 projects, GEWA has formed a solid business, built on ultimate performance, supreme quality and remarkable attention to detail. With every carport delivered, GEWA has demonstrated pure protection and functionality, as well as a strong reputation for longevity with the comprehensive materials used. In 2016, GEWA granted Solisco sole exclusivity for the UK.

Solisco Commercial Ev-Ports are manufactured by BlueTop in Aurhaus, Denmark, born in 2007 as a development project for standardized building steel solutions, for The Danish Technological institution. BlueTop specializes in constructions for PV, but mainly larger scale solar parking. Having a wealth of experience in the field, BlueTop delivers outstanding products; combining superb aesthetics, great craftsmanship and precision in efficiency. BlueTop is a member of ‘State of Green’ and ‘Solar City Copenhagen’ and has worked with Tesla in 2014 at the Crystal in London, launch of the Model S with Elon Musk.

Innovative Technology
Solisco has sourced the premium market leading Solar and Battery Storage systems, as well as pioneers in EV charging systems, to co-create an outstanding, exclusive product with both GEWA and BlueTop.

Our Customer Promise

Integrity. Loyalty. Connectivity.

With the intention to create a strong brand reputation, ensuring customer fulfilment which is continuously cultivated, we aim to provide our customers with end to end support and ultimate satisfaction right from the configuration stage to the EV-Port installation, and thereafter.

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