Domestic and commercial battery storage systems are becoming more and more popular as a means to maximise self consumption of self generated renewable energy and in most cases we recommend this technology for your solar EV-Port.

The best case scenario with your solar EV-Port is to charge your EV during the sunlight hours in which case 100% of the energy produced can be stored in the EV’s battery.

For times when your car is on the road during the day, the combination of your PV system with a storage battery will still allow you to use around 75-80% of the energy it generates. The battery will be slowly and smartly charged over the course of the day and in the evening you can use the self produced clean electricity to run the lighting and appliances in your house.

Solarwatt is Solisco’s single supplier for all PV elements, solar modules, inverter and battery. This is the default system that will be offered to our customers.

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sonnenBatterie is a combination of high-end components perfectly tuned to your needs. One key benefit is that it is a complete system - ready for connection.

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