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the Future of Battery Storage

German-made in every aspect. Ever since Solarwatt was founded in 1993, all components have been manufactured in Germany. MyReserve battery provides you with solar energy from your PV system even when the sun is not shining. Now it can really pay off for you with Solarwatt. Many people previously found that the technology was too expensive, too complicated, and therefore unprofitable. But now we have the award-winning MyReserve Matrix; the next generation of solar energy batteries with state-of-the-art technology and the ability to achieve between 80-99% independence from the grid. All of which is achieved and monitored through optimal self consumption; by the use of an Energy Manager.

Product Specifications

Useable Capacity 4.4kWh -8.8kWh
Maximum System Efficiency 93-96%
Maximum Battery Efficiency 99.2%
Enclosure Rating IP 31
Lifespan/Warranty 10 Years Performance Warranty (80%)

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