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What makes Solar Carports a Good Investment?

The recent years have witnessed a remarkable surge in demand for electric vehicles in the UK – new registrations of plug-in cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 100,000 by June 2017. Many business firms are now offering an EV as part of their company car range. With incredible tax savings such as low Benefit In Kind tax and 100% Capital Allowance write down, not to mention the huge fuel savings and very little maintenance costs, it makes an EV a great investment for any organisation.

The next step is charging infrastructure that is smart, reliable, and different from all other charging solutions we've seen so far; one that shelters us just like a fuel station; except with a renewable benefit!

Commercial Solar Carports allow for a seamless charging experience for both employees and visitors during the daylight hours, when there's an abundance of energy to be reaped. Businesses are therefore encouraging use of EVs by demonstrating that the facilities are present to cater the demands of charging. It also delivers the right message to your visitors. Destination charging is becoming incredibly popular and most EV users decide on their destination based on whether charging is
available onsite.

Investing in an Solar Carport will raise the green credentials for your organisation, create a positive image reflecting your innovative edge, attract new business and more importantly, set a good example.

Made in Denmark

We searched the global market for good quality and aesthetically pleasing solar carports. Then we found Bluetop who truly offer a great all rounded product. Manufactured in Denmark, Bluetop was born in 2007 as a development project for standardized building steel solutions, for The Danish Technological Institution. Since then, Bluetop has delivered 34 solar parking projects in 13 countries.

Built with Quality and Reputation in Mind

Having a wealth of experience in the field, Bluetop delivers outstanding products; combining superb aesthetics, great craftsmanship and precision in efficiency.

In 2014, Elon Musk visited the UK to launch the first Model S cars to the early adopters. The event took place at the Crystal in London.

Bluetop were asked to collaborate with Tesla and install a solar carport to demonstrate the fantastic combination of an electric vehicle with a renewable charging solution.

Uniquely Designed

The roof beam is cleverly engineered with Bluetop’s patented zinc magnesium adding a huge advantage to the EV-Port structure; making it light weight yet stiff construction - therefore allowing for a long span EV-Port. Long Span means less posts required so manoeuvring is easier and gives a sense of openness, adding to the aesthetics of the EV-Port. High quality sheet metal goes through a clever process to guarantee it is robust and then galvanized to ensure longevity and elimination of rusting.

Confidence Redefined

At Solisco, we want you to have confidence in the products you choose. Therefore, we confidently hand you to the Bluetop team who we are sure to deliver the innovative technology and advanced engineering that will add value to your business premises, your staff and visitor experience, and add to your eco credentials. Solisco will work closely with you to choose or create a design that suits the existing building and surrounding areas. Bluetop will then ensure to continue the sales process, leading to delivery of the highest quality goods, arranging installations with EPC partners, whilst maintaining impeccable customer service throughout.

Savings & Mileage Calculators

Environmentally Sound, Economically Wise!

Our calculators will give you a good indication of the economics of a solar PV supported EV charging solution.

By selecting your geographic location in the UK, the output of the PV system you are considering (this will depend on the size of EV-Port you select, see our configurator) and the unit cost of the electricity, you will get a realistic estimate of the annual earnings & savings and the payback over 20 years. The EV-Port won’t pay for itself but besides contributing to a more sustainable future you will also see some real financial benefits.

The savings become even more significant if you take the fuel costs of a traditional Internal combustion engine into account.

The figures of our solar mileage calculator show that the combination of a solar PV system with the replacement of your fossil fuel burning car with an EV become economically very attractive!

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Solar Miles Calculator


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* Figures based on: Feed In Tariff(FIT): 4.11p, Export Tariff: 4.91p. Self consumption 50% without storage battery and 80% with storage battery. Photovoltaic Performance Estimation based on MCS Guide Tables.

Key Features

Hidden Inverter

Aesthetically Pleasing

Solisco Solar EV-Ports are not only functional but also, aesthetically pleasing. With hidden drainage, inverter and foundation, the EV-Ports’ appearance is sleek and tidy; a complete solution. In addition, there is flexibility in designs to ensure optimal orientation to the sun. Solisco will work with you to ensure the EV-Port fits neatly into the natural surroundings of your business premises and is easily accessible and appealing.

Integrated Lighting


Solisco Solar EV-Ports consider the integration of lighting to be an important feature. This ensures user friendliness during evening hours and makes the EV-Port more visible to drivers from afar; just like a fuel station is. What makes our EV-Ports different to standard charging points is that we are easily spotted and more importantly, our customers are sheltered; thus making windy, rainy days no longer a miserable experience when it comes to plugging in.

Business Marketing

Business Marketing

Solisco Solar EV-Ports can be supplied in a variety of colours and with prints that reflect our customers’ corporate identity or to display promotional offers, making the EV-Port multifunctional. Similarly, the Mennekes EV chargers can also act as a canvas for your business marketing needs.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Solisco Solar EV-Ports offer world leading technology in charging products which means you can always track and monitor the usage and over time, analyse specific results. For example, just how much solar energy the EV-Port is generating, how often the EV chargers are being used, how much value are the new EV users bringing to your business, etc. Eventually, this data will help to make your EV-Port future proof as you may think about ways to generate further business going forward; for example, by setting charging tariffs or introducing specific user subscriptions or even realising that you need more EV-Ports due to the increasing demand. The opportunities are yours to reap.

Product Specification

Bluetop Carports / Download Brochure An overview of Bluetop Carports
LS (Long-Span) / Download Brochure An overview of Bluetops Long Span Carports.
OPTI / Download Brochure An overview of Bluetops OPTI Carports.
YPSILON / Download Brochure An overview of Bluetops YPSILON Carports.
TREE / Download Brochure An overview of Bluetops TREE Carports.
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