Ultimate Protection & Function

With a Solisco Solar Carport, you will have full confidence that the innovative technology and advanced engineering will add value to your home, shelter you from the weather whilst plugging in your EV and ultimately, help you to harness the power of the sun. Smart energy management systems will help control and optimize internal consumption and intelligently save on costs. It will provide you data on your EV consumption as well as household appliances via an app, making it easier for you to analyse just how your solar carport is working in perfect harmony. You will be fully equipped on how to use the systems effectively, and receive immediate support as and when required. The entire project, from configuring a Solar EV-Port design, site surveying through to successful installation will be all managed and overseen by Solisco.

Solisco Domestic EV-Port structures are manufactured in Germany by GEWA. With a century of experience; successful completion of over 100,000 projects, GEWA has formed a solid business, built on ultimate performance, supreme quality and remarkable attention to detail. With every carport delivered, GEWA has demonstrated pure protection and functionality, as well as a strong reputation for longevity with the comprehensive materials used. In 2016, GEWA granted Solisco sole exclusivity for the UK, following the first prototype which integrated solar modules, making the first solar carport of it's kind.

PV Solar Systems

Solisco Solar EV-Ports are equipped with high-quality German made Solarwatt glass-glass, maximum yield solar modules that have 30 years product and performance warranty. They are especially long-lasting, durable and extremely resistant to external influences. The panels, inverter and energy management system are all German made and all elements are fine-tuned and optimized for best efficiency. As an option, you can include a battery storage system such as Solarwatt or Sonnen to further elevate your Solar EV-Port and gain more independence from the power grid.

EV Charge Points

Our Solar carports can be equipped with a selection of charging products. All charge points we offer use smart technology and can be set to only charge your car with the solar power generated by the PV system, thus reducing your carbon footprint to zero. Alternatively, they can be programmed to charge at certain times, in order to benefit from lower tariffs, set by your energy provider and they can also be operated by apps on your smart phone. Solisco works with Mennekes, EVBox and Schneider Electric, offering a range of high quality systems, however, we are open to work with charging points of your choice too.

Integrated Equipment Room

Solisco Solar Carports can be designed to incorporate an equipment room that accommodates the PV-inverter, and possibly the battery storage system, as well as your spare wheels, bikes, surf-boards, kayaks or any other equipment.

Professionally Installed

We only work with the most experienced and highly skilled installers, for both the structural elements of the solar carport as well as the PV solar system. The EV-Port itself will be erected within a couple of days, and the more fragile solar glass-glass module integration will take a few more days, ensuring ultimate precision, attention to detail and efficiency throughout.

Want to see what is involved in the installation? Check out our time lapse video

Savings & Mileage Calculators

Environmentally Sound, Economically Wise!

Our calculators will give you a good indication of the economics of a solar PV supported EV charging solution.

By selecting your geographic location in the UK, the output of the PV system you are considering (this will depend on the size of EV-Port you select, see our configurator) and the unit cost of the electricity, you will get a realistic estimate of the annual earnings & savings and the payback over 20 years. The EV-Port won’t pay for itself but besides contributing to a more sustainable future you will also see some real financial benefits.

The savings become even more significant if you take the fuel costs of a traditional Internal combustion engine into account.

The figures of our solar mileage calculator show that the combination of a solar PV system with the replacement of your fossil fuel burning car with an EV become economically very attractive!

Savings and Payback Calculator



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Feed In
Earnings (FIT)

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Savings on
Electricity Bill

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Total Payback
Per Year

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Total Payback
Over 20 Years

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Solar Miles Calculator


Solar Miles
Per Year

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* Figures based on: Feed In Tariff(FIT): 4.11p, Export Tariff: 4.91p. Self consumption 50% without storage battery and 80% with storage battery. Photovoltaic Performance Estimation based on MCS Guide Tables.

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Make it Your Own

PV Solar Systems


No matter if you require a single, double, triple or fleet carport we can design and supply a solution in standard sizes or custom dimensions to suit your unique requirements.



You require a EV-Port for your Tesla as well as a mobile-home? Solisco EV-Ports are fully flexible in height. If the standard height is not sufficient for your vehicles we can deliver a customised solution. We can also design and install our EV-Ports on slopes, walls or as extensions to existing buildings.



Solisco car-ports are made of galvanised and powder coated steel elements. We supply the EV-Ports in any RAL colour. Special coatings, possibly to match your car, are also available on request. Some elements like the roof surrounds can also be specified in brushed stainless steel.

Roof and Doors

Roof & Doors

Don’t fancy the standard glass solar panel roof design? We can also supply any of our car-ports with plain glass, steel, gravel or natural green “sedum” roofs. Our EV-Ports can be equipped with vertical rolling segment doors that transform them in to fully protected garages if you require extra security and protection for your vehicles.

How Will You Build Yours?

Technical Data

Solar Power Rating Each Solarwatt Glass/Glass PV module has a rating of 165W For example a triple EV-Port with 33 cells has an output of 5.455 KWp
Colours Available in all RAL colours
Sizing Single, Double, Triple, Fleet
Assembly Assembled on location
Warranty Inverter 7 Years, Storage Battery 10 Years, PV Modules 30 years
Maintenance Galvanised and corrosion-proof for zero maintenance. PV modules require periodic surface cleaning
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