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10th April 2017

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Solar Energy – Harnessing Nature

The demand for renewable energy, and particularly solar power, has never been stronger. The concept of harnessing solar power has been around for some time – with the initial equipment costs and storage efficiency the only barriers facing businesses and consumers. With major investment in research and development over recent years – we are now seeing more areas where solar power can be a truly cost-saving AND eco-friendly solution.

harness solar power with solisco

Bringing down the cost

In the last 8 years, the typical cost of installing solar equipment has fallen by up to 70 percent. The sight of solar panels is no longer confined to forward-thinking multi-national companies eager to show their green credentials. Look at any new housing development and you are likely to see the increasingly familiar sight of Photo Voltaic panels on the rooftops.

Encouragement from the government as well as house builders needing to improve the efficiency of new build properties to meet stricter regulations are just two reasons why costs are forecast to continually reduce. If you combine this with greater efficiency from the gathering and storage of solar energy then the case becomes stronger than ever.

It’s all in the storage

Any project for utilising solar energy will have its limits. The sun must be in the sky for the process to work, and chances are this availability is not going to match all energy consumption requirements directly. The key to maximising the gain from solar lies with a suitable and sufficient storage system. The humble battery cell has been around for over 2 centuries, but the high relative cost when compared to other energy sources is one reason why small to mid-scale solar projects have been ruled as cost prohibitive – until recently. It is now possible to introduce a complete harvest/storage/delivery solar solution that can deliver a full return on investment within its lifetime.

A true eco-friendly solution

People have different reasons for looking to renewable energy solutions today. Consumers may feel a desire to become carbon neutral – wanting to stop the negative impact on the world around them. Businesses are also keen to display the correct attitude towards the way they impact the environment. It is also possible the reason is purely cost driven. Regardless of why we are now seeing huge growth in the development of technology that reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. The major advances in the electric motor vehicle industry are a clear example of this. Showing without a doubt there is a worldwide demand for a cleaner way to live our daily lives.

Making a difference

At Solisco we have a clear vision – to bring together this desire for a better future with the technology to support it. We want our customers to join us in embracing smart technology and ultimately become less dependent on the national grid. For anyone making the investment in an Electric Vehicle we offer the ultimate way to reduce your carbon footprint even further and power a very important part of your life with the very thing that lights your day.

renewable energy can power your electric car

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