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8th May 2018

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Welcome to ‘It’s Electric!’ With Afeez Kay

‘Hate electric cars? Think they’re glorified golf carts that only a tree-huggin’ vegan would be seen dead in? Well, here’s the news: everyone started there, but you’ve gotta be blind not to see that electric cars right now are taking over the world.

They’re super-car fast, micro-car frugal, and best of all, they’re dolphin-friendly. If you love saving the planet, you’ll love It’s Electric, the web’s most highly-charged electric car podcast.’

Host Afeez Kay takes us on an electric voyage to both educate the listener on the benefits/future of electric vehicles, as well as educate himself!

Electric Podcast May

 “People keep saying electric cars are the future, I don’t agree with that, I believe electric cars are now.”

Afeez is a great EV advocate and enthusiast and also the founder of Tesla Rentals and cofounder of GlobalEVRT.

Solisco’s CEO on It’s Electric

When asked to be on It’s Electric, we were more than happy to find out more. Afeez explained that he wanted to engage people from industry as well as consumers and we felt we could apply both perspectives.

The variety of people speaking on this show allows for a wider understanding of e-mobility; both the pros and the cons, the joys and the dismay.

For our CEO Parveen, it was a perfect opportunity to get people engaged in our mission and give a little background information as to what inspired her to start up the company, following her career at Tesla.


In This Episode

In this episode, Afeez welcomes Parveen Begum. Parveen is a nature loving person, an adrenaline junkie, and a clean tech enthusiast. She has worked for Tesla, and is happy to share her experience working with the company, and the new approach to charging that she and her cofounder are pioneering at Solisco.

  • What it was like working for Tesla?
  • What comes first – the EV or the Charging Infrastructure?
  • What is Solisco’s mission, and what have they accomplished so far?
  • What does Parveen drive?
  • Is autopilot a safe and worthwhile feature?

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