Our Perfectly Charged Partnership with EV-Box

19th July 2017

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Partnership with EV-Box

Solisco have partnered with EV-Box; an international market leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and related cloud-based services. A recognised global brand in Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure – Solisco can now offer their range of charging solutions within our Solar Carport Solutions.

As a continuous technology & innovation industry player, the success of EV-Box can be attributed to a 100% focus on electric vehicles. Add to this a commitment to quality, continuous innovation, and an unrelenting drive for client satisfaction.

A product for every need

EV-Box offer specific ranges for Home, Public and Business applications that can all be integrated with the Solisco Solar Car Port range. As a result you get a charging station with fully modular construction, providing uncompromising quality and durability.

Discover more about the range

Want to know more about this innovative range of charging solutions? Head over to the dedicated page on our site to find out more and download their latest brochures here.
If you want to discuss how Solisco can build a complete solution for your EV infrastructure project give our team a call on 0203 126 6799. You can also email us at

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Who are EV-Box?

With an installed base of over 50,000 charging points across more than 840 cities worldwide today, EV-Box now serves electric drivers, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks including Amsterdam, the global role model city of urban e-mobility. EV-Box is unique in fusing hardware and software into an All-in-One Charging Solution. This ensures an optimal charging experience and an energy-efficient operation. Solisco works directly with EV-Box, ensuring our customers receive expert advice and guidance directly from the headquarters of EVBox in Amsterdam.

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