Introducing the World’s First Modular Battery System

23rd April 2018

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Meet Solarwatt’s Latest Innovation

Solarwatt has released the world’s first modular battery system – MyReserve, and has been awarded product of the year 2018.

The new battery system will comprise of two compact modules; MyReserve Command and MyReserve Pack.

The Command houses the systems electronics; connectors, servers and software. The small compact design means “there are less training, storage, and transport costs – and, last but not least, faster and easier installation”  Dr. Andreas Gutsch, Senior Technology Consultant to the R&D center, Solarwatt Innovation Technology Center.

Modular Design

The MyReserve Packs are Solarwatt’s world leading 99.2% efficient batteries. The system is designed to connect directly to the DC system between the PV array and the inverter.

‘We are the only manufacturer in Europe who develops and manufactures both the batteries and the power electronics ourselves’ Dr. Olaf Wollersheim, co-Managing Director of the Solarwatt Innovation R&D.

The MyReserve Battery saves about 10X more clean energy than was used to produce it, making it carbon negative. Its compact design keeps raw materials down and saves space during transportation and storage.

The greatest asset to the design of the Battery is its modular design, allowing it to be expanded or shrunk to meet the user’s needs. Each Command unit is capable of running up to 5 battery pack modules and systems can be run in parallel with up to 5 battery modules (command unit + battery packs) to meet a larger demand.

Currently minimum capacity is 2.4kWh and maximum capacity can be up to 2.2MWh however Solarwatt seek to tackle commercial, industrial and even grid level applications as they plan on exceeding the current maximum storage capacity. The high efficiency and the low cost of scaling up the system; including installation and maintenance, means the system offers extremely competitive pricing across several applications.

Product Guarantee

The system has an incredible discharge efficiency of 96.7% with a peak output of up to 4 kW’s. It has a fast step-response speed (< 1 second) meaning it is well adapted to supplying battery stored energy rather than expensive grid energy for high consumption devices and spikes in demand.

The new battery unit makes use of the MyReserve App to allow users live updates on PV generated energy, charge/discharge status, fullness of battery and grid fed and supplied energy. The software set up also allows for more efficient servicing; providing remote updates, remote diagnosis service and more accurate data transfer with manufacturers.


Solarwatt offers a 5 year warranty on their MyReserve range and guarantees it will last at least 10 years. If the system fails to retain 80% of its storage capacity the components will be repaired free of charge or the affected storage modules will be replaced by new ones.

More About Solarwatt

Founded in 1993 and active worldwide, Solarwatt GmbH is an award-winning German manufacturer of complete photovoltaic systems. The company is the European market leader for glass-glass solar modules and is one of the largest suppliers of electricity storage systems.

For 25 years, the Solarwatt brand has stood for premium quality made in Germany, with an automated production facility, employing over 350 people worldwide.

Solisco & Solarwatt

Solarwatt is Solisco’s solar system supplier. To find out more about how we incorporate SOLARWATT into our EV Ports, click here. 





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