25th September 2017

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We speak time and time again about the benefits of Commercial EV-Ports. However, more and more people are now discovering the benefits of Domestic Solar EV-Ports also.

As part of a new and exiting project, we have collaborated with the award winning architect, Stephan Mundwiler, FAIA, and his firm leeMundwiler Architects. Based in Switzerland and Los Angeles USA, the firm works on architectural projects all around the world, including in Switzerland, the US, China and Vietnam. Among their projects are; the Geology Museum in Shenzhen, China, the Government piazza in Bern, Switzerland, as well as several high end residences in Los Angeles, multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial buildings throughout Switzerland.

Stephan has been involved with architectural solar solutions since in 2004. During that time, he proposed large solar shade structure systems to schools and cities throughout California, realising the obvious benefits of solar energy in such a sunny state. With this came the ideal combination of solar systems that provided shade to school yards, playgrounds, and the vast parking areas prevalent in the California Cities.

The Grasshopper

Just like us, Stephen sees the clear benefits and value that a domestic EV-Port can bring. Located in Los Angeles, California, our new project demonstrates integrating forward thinking technology with modern designs and creativity.

Located in the hillside area of Silverlake near downtown Los Angeles, the downslope plot is accessed by a driveway bridge. With two cars parked on the roof of the building, they will be sheltered by a car port shade structure/roof, meaning they will be perfectly exposed to receive solar panels. The residence of 200m2 is then unfolding beneath and will benefit from fantastic views of the Downtown Los Angeles Skyline.

Stephan has named the project “the grasshopper” for its shape and the way it sits on the hillside.

With the house built entirely on concrete and steel, the strict California earthquake codes requires the carport structure to be an integral part of the building’s structural system. “It’s a challenging project in many ways. Including the hillside location, geological difficulties and the tight space for access.”

Solisco EV-Port

Nevertheless, the Solisco Domestic EV-Port will be the highlight of the project, as most of the house lays below the street level and is not seen from the public grounds. With the project expected to be complete by Spring 2018, the carport will be ready for delivery as one of the first Tesla Model 3 the owner has ordered.

As with many of leeMundwiler’s projects, the end product is certain to gain plenty of attention in the Los Angeles design community.



There are many reasons why you should choose a Solisco Domestic EV-Port:

  • Invest in an asset that combines contemporary design, innovative technology and advanced engineering whilst adding value to your property.
  • Our modular EV-Ports provide ultimate protection for your vehicles, whilst generating solar energy for your EV as well as your home.
  • Transform your driveway into an intelligent energy hub, by incorporating smart charging solutions and battery storage systems.


The project itself is in the very early stages. However we will be getting regular updates from California, meaning we can keep you updated along the way!






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