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25th June 2018

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Our brand new Domestic EV-Port Configurator has finally arrived!

We are thrilled to launch our Domestic EV-Port Configurator.

This real-time Configurator allows you to get creative and design your own fully integrated Solar EV-Port; from selecting the type of wall panel infills, choosing the steel structure colour and then adding options of battery storage and EV chargers.

Visit our website to learn more about our product and see why we are award-winning when it comes to Solar Carports, or as we like to call them EV-Ports.

Our website developers have been working really hard to ensure the user journey works smoothly; and that you get a realistic visualisation of the product itself.

Why Configure and what’s included?

For most of us, unless we can see something in the flesh, it’s really difficult to decide if it’s something we actually want to buy. And from a design perspective, it’s hard to visualise if something would compliment existing surroundings. More importantly, does it fit into my budget and how much will each component cost?

With this 3-D simulator, you will immediately get a visualisation of what your EV-Port will look like and the output of the PV system. We wanted to be totally transparent with our pricing and so we allow our customers to get an idea of budget costs every step of the configure journey. The pricing includes the EV-Port structure with the Solarwatt PV system which we feel compliments our high end ports very nicely (the system includes Glass-Glass modules, any glass-dummies, cabling, and inverters). We’ve also added in the prices of all wall panel options, as well as battery storage and EV systems. On request, we can supply the EV-Port structure on it’s own, allowing you to source your preferred solar panels and/or components. Either way, Solisco will provide a specification, helping you create the perfect product.

Solisco Configurator

What’s not included in our pricing is installation costs as this varies from location to location and in terms of civil works, everyone’s driveway or garden is different, however, we did find typical costs are in the region of £5,000-£10,000. We work with reputable nationwide contractors so in the case of an enquiry, we would conduct a site survey and get a more accurate quote to you. If you have a local contractor that you’d like us to work with, we are more than happy to discuss our specification and foundation plan with them.

What happens once I’ve configured my EV-Port?

Once you are happy with your EV-Port design, you will be taken to the next step where you’ll receive a unique link that will be generated specific to your design. This can be revisited at any time; allowing you to edit your preferences and get that one step closer to placing an order! A Solisco representative will get in touch with you to answer any questions and discuss your requirements.

EV-Ports – Environmentally Sound, Economically Wise!

Be sure to visit our Energy Calculator which will give you a good indication of the economics of a solar PV supported EV charging solution. This can be found on our Homepage or Domestic EV-Port page.

By selecting your geographic location in the UK, the output of the PV system you are considering (this will depend on the size of EV-Port you select, see your configured design) and the unit cost of the electricity, you will get a realistic estimate of the annual earnings & savings and the payback over 20 years. The EV-Port won’t pay for itself entirely, but besides contributing to a more sustainable future, you will also see some real financial benefits.

Own an Electric Vehicle or thinking of getting one?

The savings become even more significant if you take the fuel costs of a traditional internal combustion engine into account. The figures of our Solar Mileage Calculator show that the combination of a solar PV system with the replacement of your fossil fuel burning car with an EV become economically very attractive!

You can see that a double bay EV-Port 5.28kWp (as pictured above) located in southern UK can generate an annual output of 4488kWh, giving you a financial payback of around £900 per year and over £18,000 over a 20 year period. (Our PV system comes with a 30 year product and performance warranty.)

If you use the energy generated from the EV-Port to feed directly into your Electric Vehicle, you can offset over 15,000 solar miles. And for those of you who don’t yet own an EV, this calculator also shows how much you can save annually on your fuel costs. In this case, based on a car that has a consumption of 50MPG, you would save £1714 per year – that’s £34,280 worth of fuel over 20 years! Solisco Configurator

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