Bringing our EV-Ports to Wales

14th February 2018

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Commercial EV-Port Installation

Solisco are super-thrilled to be able to share with you our latest project; installing one of our Commercial EV-Ports in Cardiff, Wales.

Back in October, whilst we were exhibiting at the Energy Show 2017; one company paid extra attention to the EV-Port we had on our stand. Then on day two of the show, they went ahead and purchased it from us.

Solisco & Fibre7

Fibre 7 is an innovative company who specialise in combining technology and nature through resin modification of wood, producing high-performance materials whilst protecting global forests. As a company,  they are hoping that their technology can go all around the world and help to set up similar factories whilst allowing for us to protect our tropical rainforests. It is their dream to be truly able to enjoy our nature to the fullest.



Company Director Justin Els has a very strong ethos. The company plans to protect the environment by not only putting a stop to deforestation, but also to embrace rainwater harvesting , wave technology (as they are situated right beside the sea), solar PV and the rollout of EV-Ports.

They are also currently working on producing bespoke wooden infills for the EV-Port, which will have a 50 year warranty; complimenting our highly engineered ports which are built to last decades. We are excited about this collaboration and look forward to offering this innovative wood on our portfolio in the future!

EV-Port installed at Fibre7

Fibre7  see Solisco EV-Ports as the start of an interesting technology that allows for embracing solar energy, battery storage and EV/PHEV charging solutions. They hope to increase the capacity of EV-Ports on their forecorts going forward, which is one of the great advantages of our products being modular and expandable.

The Seamless Installation

It was agreed we would travel up to Cardiff, Wales to install the EV-Port on the 23rd January, presumably to get better weather than we’ve had lately. We got bouts of rain, horizontal winds, glorious sunshine and even a rainbow, so we were content…

During the installation, we had lots of fun, with our manufacturing team over from Germany, training one of our UK-based teams ECGroundworks Ltd. The EV-Port went up swiftly in two days; works included ground mounting, erecting of the steel structure (weighing over 5 tonnes!), solar panel placement and the electrical connections took place after the weekend. Justin was pleased with the smooth process, as were we.

Check out the time-lapse video we created as well as some closeups. Thank you once again to our team for a brilliant job done!

Commercial EV-Ports & The Benefits

Solisco specialises in solar powered EV-Ports; a carport which integrates Solar PV, with intelligent EV charging points as well as Energy storage systems.

As a company, we wanted to change the way traditional charging points have been deployed by creating a more holistic approach. Our highly engineered port will transform an ordinary carpark into an innovative ‘energy hub;’ whilst catering for the demand imposed on the network and by taking into account factors such as grid balancing, smart charing, V2G/V2H technologies and renewable energy.

In addition to this, we wanted to demonstrate how this product can add a social benefit by having practical functionality like shaded protection and visibility. The EV-Port enhances the user experience, but also raises visible awareness of renewable EV charging points whilst adding behavioural change to the uptake of EVs.

Whether used commercially or domestically, there are plenty of advantages of investing in an EV-Port:

  • Generate renewable energy
  • Provide sheltered parking
  • Create a positive green image
  • Promote the use of electric vehicles
  • Offer charging facilities at your premises
  • Attract new custom
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Be innovative and bold!

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